The music we listen to when we are alone

The picture reminded me that I am meant to be finishing the book about mackerel. Galen still remembers the half promise I made three or fours years ago towards the end of a three Murphy’s lunch that once the book was published I would buy a speedboat. Galen forgets that there are a whole range of speedboats and that whilst he has his eye on the thing that David Beckham took up the Thames to the Olympics last Friday evening I will be inclined towards something more prosaic.
So this seems like a good time to put something on the cooking of mackerel up here.
For two.
Catch three mackerel. You should be cooking them within an hour or so of them coming out of the sea.
Gut and fillet them.
Heat a glug of olive oil or a small pat of butter  in a frying pan until hot.
Add the mackerel fillets skin side down.  You could dust them with flour before putting them in.  Once in the pan season with salt and pepper.
Cook for a minute and flip them over. You may need to use the spatula to stop them from curling.
After another minute take them out and arrange on a plate. Add some chopped parsley and lemon juice.
Eat with your fingers.
You could slice the fillets into three and eat on pieces of toast. Or even have them whole in a fresh baguette.
Like this they would be good with either tarter sauce or possibly horseradish
Mary Arundel cooks them on the bone, dragged through seasoned flour and fried until crisp.

Home alone for the rest of the week and the Flaming Lips have a newish CD out so listening to their 10 minute deconstruction of Erykah Badu and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face which has its moments. Next up The Unthanks with Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band. Maybe I’m mellowing but I suspect that The Unthanks will get played more than the Flaming Lips – yup put it on now and the hairs are starting to rise on the back of the neck already. I will be a wet rag by the time we get to Fareweel Regality.

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