A corner of the veg patch

The far corner of the veg patch has got out of control this year. This is probably a result of me being distracted with the erection of the green house and not having been assiduous enough in digging out the Jerusalem artichokes again. They were a great success the first year I grew them and the family slurped back with relish the smooth silky soup I made with them for a Saturday lunch. The soup was almost as smooth and silky as the wind that assaulted the family for the rest of the weekend bubbling gently all the way through to Monday morning.
Ever since the family has been keen to avoid artichokes but once grown they are difficult to get rid of. It only needs a few small tubers left in the ground and they are back again the following year. Although I try to keep them back before you know it they are three or four feet out of the ground and it feels a shame to pull them out. So it will probably be a windy bottom for me in September.
The nasturtiums are less invidious and almost as hard to lose. There will always be a few of the seeds that will take hold the following spring and once they have taken hold they quickly spread. But their flowers are a welcome bonus and help to brighten up salads.

We had the first of the beetroot. One of the only things that seems to have done well this year. Four neat bulbs pulled from the ground, washed, boiled for 40 minutes, then peeled and sliced into rounds. I slathered them with Greek yogurt mixed with crushed garlic and olive oil.
The rain held of so I was able to light the barbecue. As it was warming up I blackened a red pepper and onion on the grill. Once they were soft I allowed them to cool and then peeled away the charred skins and mixed them with a tin of chick peas, more olive oil and a touch of vinegar. 

The quartered chicken was from the International Store, marinated in a mixture of crushed garlic and oregano, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper for an hour or so before being put on the grill. 

The salad also came from the garden, mixed with cucumber, long thin green peppers, tomatoes and half a sliced toasted pitta. Dressed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Decorated with nasturtium andborage flowers.

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