So what can you buy in Bantry Market with 15Euros and a bit of loose change.

There is a frustration in making the half hour drive to Bantry for the market  to open your wallet to find that  the  100Euros you put to one side to take with you for the shopping  was still on the side along with the cash-point card.

I had 15Euros in the wallet and a pocketful of loose change. I had already spent 4Euros of the loose change on a couple of old George Orwell paperbacks which with the benefit of hindsight had not been such a good idea.

The fish stall was selling bags of haddock for 5Euros so that was a start. He threw in a bag of bones – bait for the prawn pot.

I will be able to pick up a bag of potatoes later in Durrus.  Some vegetarian food was needed for the barbecue and this was going to be the only chance to get something. So some of the money had to be spent in SuperValu on 4 veggie quarter-pounders.
That was almost all of the loose change gone but I still had a 10 Euro note.
I recognized the guy on the Gubbeen stall from last year and the years before. Would he do me a favour and let me take a bagful of cheese, sausages and bacon on the promise that I would be back next week with a better trimmed wallet. He was happy with that. So three types of cured sausage, 5 packs of bacon and round of Gubbeen and a great chunk of the matured cheese went into the bag. I will need to make sure I bring my 28Euros with me next week.

The last of the lose change went on a loaf of sourdough bread leaving the 10Euros for The Olive Stall.  Two different types of olive, one of them picked out with red chilli, a handful of pickled green chilis, I was warned that although there were meant to be mild they had a good kick to them, a bag of smoked almonds, a purple bulb of garlic and a small bag of semi-dried tomatoes and I was done.

The iPod was still on shuffle in the car and a couple of King Creosote tracks came on quickly after each other on the way back. The rain was coming down again, flattening the sea.                                                                                       

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