A bacon sandwich and a walk along a canal

A bacon sandwich is a proper Sunday morning treat.

This morning the bacon was Dukeshill bought from Wards last week. I put it on to cook in a pan with some butter and shot out to get the Sunday papers. By the time I came back one side was starting to crisp nicely. I turned it over and found in the back of the fridge a nub of Rocscarberry black pudding brought back from Ireland at the end of the summer. That was sliced and added to the pan. Bread was toasted and a cup of tea poured out. I ate it with a good dollop of HP Sauce.

Before lunch we went for a walk along the Shropshire Union Canal through some of the deep south Cheshire countryside it passes through on its way down south. Cars were parked by the locks at Bunbury and we walked one way along the canal and then the other.

The hard cold of the morning had gone with the sun. Although there was still a chill in the air we were soon warm after 10 minutes walking. The water was still and looking through the digital pane of the camera it was difficult to believe we were well into autumn as the the last remaing green leaves in the trees hung against the blue sky.

There was something almost of France about the landscape in the curve of the canal and the limpid air and the green trees bending into the water. But for the table booked for lunch it would have been good to walk on for another few hours.

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