Two days and a night in London


One of the small joys of a trip down to London on the early morning train out of  Lime Street is falling asleep again in the dark of Runcorn and then dimly waking up as the train speeds through the rolling low country south of Tamworth, the sun rising over the hills out of the right hand window bright and clear, mist down in the dips and marks of the old land. Half the train is asleep or staring at a laptop screen, not noticing the awakening country speeding by.

We were down in London to visit colleges with Kristen and arrived  at Euston at 8.30. Time for a large coffee to wake up before entering the tube to make our way to South east london and Goldsmiths. we got there early had time for another cup of coffee in a slightly scuzzy cafe which had a drop down screen and projector for intimate film showings and a note on a blackboard that advertised knitting evenings on a Wednesday.


We then had two hours of talk and workshops on their design course. We were both taken postdisciplinary design. Apparently amongst other things this could involve the law – I was not a prospective student so did not think it my place to ask.

Lunch was in a student cafe directly opposite the main entrance – chicken wings and chips with a Peroni before another two hours of fine art and a walk around the studios and workshops.

I was only observer but I did catch myself wondering how I had managed to spend three years at university doing law when there was so much other stuff out there. That of course begs the question as to what else I could do – I am not sure there are degree courses in listening to dodgy music whilst wielding a sharp knife in the kitchen.

We are now back in the hotel. The room is coal bunker sized and with the window shut to block out the noise of the traffic from the street below it has the potential of the black hole of Calcutta. No matter there is a shop round the corner selling bottles of good beer and I have worked out how to use the strap on my camera case to remove the bottle caps. We are off for tapas and sherry.


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