More on the naming of fish


This evening it is the turn of the B’s.

Birt or Byrt A small turbot (O.E.)

Blonde Lat. Raja brachyura. A large and sluggish ray – it grows to a length of four feet – common near Plymouth.

Boarfish Capros aper. A Mediterranean and N. Atlantic fish allied to the Red Mullet

Brancino A perch – like fish, a native of the Adriatic and the best fish one is likely to eat in Venice. It is usually boiled in a court-boullon and served either hot with a Genoise sauce, or cold with a Mayonnaise.

Breet An obsolete name for Turbot.

Brit, Bret or Burt A small turbot in England; a small herring in the U.S.A.

This evening listening to Sera Cahoone who apparently used to be the drummer in Band of Horses. There is a song that sounds like Dreams to Remember by Otis Redding which was done brilliantly by Okkervil River and would have gone well last night as we were picking both our favourite Christmas song and our favourite cover version. This does it in one.


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