Fire and Knives arrives

The butcher in The International Store did himself proud today with a silver tray of lambs hoofs. They looked dainty compared to the heft of a pigs foot. There must have been fifty in the tray and I asked what to do with them? “Make soup” he said “Cook with some spices and put water in.” There was little man next to me collecting a bag of lamb chops, “Excellent” he reassured me. “Excellent”.  


I bought two. Rather to my surprise he chopped them up into pieces an inch or so long. That should be enough for a bowl of soup for me. I am not sure if the kids will be joining me.


The other good news is that issue thirteen of Fire & Knives arrived today with my article about lobster on page 65 – nine pages in all – and a nice picture of a lobster, although not one of the photos I sent them of Tommy hauling pots. It was good to see that they had not managed to spot all my typos.


You can subscribe at their website which does mean taking delivery of four copies. You never know I might get something else in before next December. You can also buy odd copies from Analogue books in Edinburgh, although I am not sure that issue 13 has reached them just yet.


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