More on the alphabet of fish


Colin Fr. for Hake when cooked; before being cooked its name is Merluche.

Crappie Lat. Pomoxis annularis. One of the fresh-water fishes of the Mississippi Valley, related to the Calico Bass.

Croaker The name given in the USA to various fishes supposed to produce grunting noises. Chief among them is the Micropogon undulatus, a small but gastronomically important fish of the Gulf coast and the North Atlantic, south of Cape Cod.

Crooner or Piper Lat. Trigla lyra. One of the Gunards.

Cunner In England, the name is given to the Crenilabrus melops, also known as the Corkwing Brasse, and in the USA to the Tautogolabrus adspersus, both small denizens of the Atlantic of no mean gastronomical merit and both being credited with unusual cunning in nibbling bait.

Cusk, Tusk or Torsk Lat. Brosme brosme. A large sea-fish closely allied to the Cod It frequents the northern coasts of Europe and America. It is fairly well known in England. in the USA boiled Cusk with cream sauce is deservedly popular.

Shopping almost done and no money left but looking forward to a weekend in Amsterdam and when I am back on Monday the trawl round my favourite shops on Christmas Eve.

Listening to Trilogy by Weekend – spaced out r’n’b. It is worrying that so much good music could get lost. I saw it somewhere and there was a half remembered review so I bought it. Thinking about cooking cusk with cream sauce.


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