Christmas less exciting

Sadly the oven has been mended and no charcoal bought. So the the barbecue will have to continue sitting forlornly in the garden all the way through Christmas Day. By way of compensation grandpa has fallen asleep already and Titanic is on the telly.

This evening we ate chicken with noodles. The chicken was chicken breasts from The International Store and they were outsized. The kids got scared as they I fried them off in the pan and there was talk of emu’s and ostrich’s. I  have a sneaking admiration for the size of their chicken breasts  but if I worry, I worry for where they have come from.


With the broth we had black long beans steamed with pak choi.


As grandpa snores we are listening to Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald singing Cheek to cheek. Some of the best, and most sophisticated music you could hope for.


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