Making up coleslaw

There was a small white cabbage in the bottom of the fridge and three egg yolks left over from the meringues that were made for Christmas Day so I decided to make some coleslaw to go with cold capon and baked potatoes.

I had not made a coleslaw before so made it up as I went along.

I sliced up the cabbage as finely as I could using my sharpest knife. I had also found some celery sticks and I sliced up two of those as well. Next I added a finely diced onions, a handful of sultanas and minced dill and parsley.

I made mayonnaise using an electric whisk. I stirred a crushed clove of garlic into the bright orange yolks and then started adding a half and half mixture of olive oil and groundnut oil. The bright orange dimmed to a pale yellow as the metal paddles left ribbon shapes in the bottom of the bowl. I was using a light metal bowl which turned with the whisk as I was pouring in the oil and I found myself using my stomach to keep it steady.


Having added about half a pint of oil I was left with a thick mayonnaise that stuck to the bottom of the bowl. This was then stirred into the cabbage. It was a bit thick so I loosened it with the juice of a lemon.


I made an orange salad was well and there was a murmur round the table that a Boxing Day lunch was often better than a Christmas Day lunch.


Still listening to Sufjan Stevens and his Christmas Songs.

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