Kate Bush gets the CBE

So I wrote last night that I was gearing up for some Kate Bush and a reappraisal of Snow and I wake up this morning to find she has been awarded the CBE. An achievement I think that should be higher up on the news pile than Bradley Wiggins getting knighted but then my biking abilities are limited to a once a year getting the bike out of the shed and putting it back again as I am reminded the back tyre has a puncture.

As for Kate Bush I must have been listening to her since I was thirteen. Somewhere in the attic I still have the tape cassettes of her first two albums. She was the first proper singer I got into having got over my Wombles phase and it started from the off with Wuthering Heights. She is be the only person who I have listened to for so long and I will still go out to buy her new album the day it comes out. I can remember at school spending days sat by the radio waiting for them to play the first single from Never Forever Breathing.

The attic may also hold the giant poster I had of her that followed around the wall above my bed be it at home, school and university. At university I tried, and failed, to write a review of The Sensual World for the college newspaper.

There was the excitement of Ariel coming out after so many years of no music from her. People were surprised that I was so eager to have it. It would be good to spend the day now listening to her all over again.

Unfortunately I can only listen to one thing at a time so on the moment i am listening to Snow. It is grey and wet outside with ore rain to come. The music slips up on you slowly, working almost as a pulse in the background with her voice hovering over the piano. Time to light the fire and wrap in a warm blanket.

One of my favourite of her old songs is Oh England, My Lionheart.

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