Moussaka and dodgy records

Christmas is over, the tree and decorations are down and this evening we have cooked a moussaka. A suitably rich and warming dish for the day after going too late to bed and with   children picking up their pieces from the night before.


Moussaka does take a bit of time in the kitchen and I was left by myself to prepare it with a slab of records picked almost at random from the piles in the attic. Head of David and Pussy Galore made a good noise but also made you glad for the fact that a piece of vinyl was not going to last much more than 20 minutes.

Syd Barret just took me back to another time when I knew all the words to an Effervescing Elephant and my 18th birthday party and I painted a picture of the elephant on the wall at home.

DSCN3286 DSCN3288 DSCN3289 DSCN3290 DSCN3293 DSCN3294 DSCN3296 DSCN3297 DSCN3298 DSCN3299

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