Lobster Balls


I am writing about my English Grandmother on the moment so I thought I might share some of the recipes she kept in her receipt book. The book was originally kept by the cook at Cumberlands, the grand house in Surrey where she grew up. She must have taken it with her when she left, writing in it one day this recipe for Lobster Balls. I will have a go at it next time we are in Ireland.


During the war she cut out recipes from newspapers and stuck them in. There is an air of scrimping and making do with advice on how to stretch out a rations worth of corned beef.

There is one scary recipe for a Fish Hot Pot. It starts with the cook laying some already cooked spaghetti or macaroni in the bottom of a large round casserole dish. Over this place layers of filleted sole, mushrooms and cream until the dish is three quarters full. Dust each layer with celery, salt and black pepper with some finely chopped parsley. Half a sweet bay leaf can be added. Slowly pour over contents sufficient milk to which you can add two teaspoons worth of mushroom ketchup. Put on the lid and cook in a moderate oven for two and a half hours. Grated cheese can be substituted for cream if a cheaper dish is required.

Thank you Mrs. C.H. Butler of Fir Tree Cottage, Nevendon, Sandhurst.

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