Da Piero

A long time ago I shared house in Oxford on Green Street with Sue Sharpe. Sue had spent time living in Italy and complained that there was no point going out for an Italian meal in Oxford as it would only be a cruel disappointment after the food she had eaten there.

I think she may have enjoyed the meal we had at Da Piero last night. It was the third year we had eaten there on 10 January courtesy of Mum & Dad’s wedding anniversary. In the discussion after the meal there some who thought there last night had been the best meal ever and for others the thought there had been a slight slip in the quality. Whatever slips there might have been it was still by far the best food to be had on the Wirral, simple and true.

My starter was a crab salad. A great ball of crab meat mixed with mayonnaise wrapped up in two leaves of red radicchio, the bitterness in the leaves cut through the sweetness of the crab. I could have licked the plate if there had been anything left to eat.

Main course was duck with a sweet red onion marmalade. If there was a slip up it perhaps came with the meats. Although they were good they did not bounce off the tongue shouting out just how good they were. But it must be difficult getting that right, as there were only a few people in there and making sure it was all perfect on a quiet night would require some dexterity. The side dishes could have been the highlight, a mix of sauteed mushrooms, chopped white endives with dressing, peas with pancetta and herbs, lentils and spinach. There was not much left.

Not all of us had pudding. I just about managed a cold chocolate dessert and a small glass of grappa.

I am looking forward to going there again in a few weeks time.

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