“….lets bossa nova…”

Slightly strange experience driving home this evening. As always the ipod was on shuffle and I was waiting for something suitably loud and unpleasant to show up up to drive away the prospect of a meeting next week to discuss strategy and direction. Suddenly the voice of the sainted John Peel was talking to me and telling me about the next session that was to come from Maida Vale. Six by Seven were in the studio and he was asking if any one them were Nottingham Forrest fans because if they were he was going to have to take them up on the something of a thrashing they had delivered to Ipswich Town the previous week.

It was a session I had downloaded from the Six by Seven website some months ago and of course completely forgotten about. There was the usual confusion as to whether the song they were about to play was from their latest or their first album and if that made a difference. After the introductions were dealt with he said “…lets bossa nova…” and they started on their song.

It was good to hear his voice again.

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