A reluctant son

There was another strange John Peel moment on the drive from The Farmer’s Market and Andy’s Aquatics. The ipod was on shuffle again and as we left the house the song from the Six by Seven came to an end and John’s voice was in the car again. 

At Andy’s Aquatics we bought gravel for Galen’s new second hand fish tank and talked fish in a dad way with the man behind the counter. “Yes if its bigger see you will need a new pump and a new heater, you need to keep them warm. Bring it in and we’ll have a look at it and we will see what we can do.” God I am so stupid when it comes to tropical fish. Why is that? It all sounds expensive but Galen’s baby fish are getting bigger and they need a new home and if they get a new home then he will need some new Cardinal Tetras as company for the sole survivor of the last lot that we bought.

Reluctantly Galen came into The Farmer’s Market with me as every good son should who has just had £10 worth of gravel bought for him. We got a chicken for lunch tomorrow, 4 quail for me to eat tonight, two minute steaks for lunch and a pack of ox-tails for stew later in the week. I assured Galen that he would like them but I am not sure he was convinced. We also bought bags of dirty carrots and potatoes.

On the way back a new song came on with unpleasant detuned guitars, drum machines and shouty vocals about the lot of ‘the workers’ and suddenly we were listening to The Three Johns and it was 1985 all over again. What was that doing on the ipod?

The steak sandwich was good but chewy.


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