Rereading the NME


Some of you may have noticed that the attic has had a number of mentions over the course of the last few weeks. This is mostly in association with me bringing down some obscure record that has not been listened to for years and deserves another airing (see Radar Bros from last night’s post). The reason for more trips than usual to the attic is that we have started, slowly, on some tidying up.

A big house is good in theory but when you are hoarder of rubbish like me it means that every spare corner soon gets filled with something else that cannot be thrown away. Tucked away in the further reaches of the attic it is possible to find boxes that remain almost untouched from when we moved into the house almost thirteen years ago. It has also become the repository for all my old records, both those I have bought and those I have inherited from various friend and family which is how I managed to end up with two copies of Phil Collins’ Face Value!

In another post I will set out a list of the various record shops down the years from where most of the records got bought. In the meantime it is probably right to say that good number got bought in Probe at the various locations they have been in round Liverpool starting with the shop down Matthew Street where Pete Burns used to work.

Anyway Galen has decided that at the age of 15 he requires a bachelor pad and he has identified that the attic provides the best location for this so as some sort of payback for him sawing some logs yesterday we have started on the process of tidying up. This meant that a couple of hours were spent yesterday afternoon putting records in alphabetical order and putting into date order the 213 copies of MOJO magazine going back to November 1993.


I haven’t started yet on the NME’s. There are fifteen years or so worth of those including a collection going back to the early 1980’s. If I started on them I could be lost for days. I am sure that I will get round to re-reading them all.


Of course a fair number of the records will have been bought in a branch of HMV and I have just seen the news that they are about to go into administration which means I am going to have to find something else to do in my lunchtimes and who knows I might even start talking to the staff in Probe.

No cooking this evening apart from the reheating of last nights supper. It was just as good second time round.

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