Gallagher’s Pub

Four us went to a pub last. Gallagher’s Pub & Barbers just round the corner from Hamilton Square. It was well worth the visit. A narrow room with the bar towards the end and beyond that the barber shop. There was a blackboard with the list of the beers that they had on tap and a row of familiar badges on the pumps.

I started with a Hilbre Gold but the barrel was almost empty and the barman could only squeeze out half a pint before it sputtered and gave up. He gave me the half glass for free and I was well along the way to like the place. Next pump on the bar was badged with Salopian Oracle. The blackboard used the words hoppy and golden which sounded good to me so I went for that.

I may have said it before but it is worth repeating I would far rather a good pint of beer than the best glass of wine. This was one of those good pints. It did what it said on the blackboard with the hops adding the correct amount of bitter after taste although they some sweetness as well. Another truism on beer is that the high that you get as you finish your second pint and start on your third is better than any hard drug. I am not sure I felt particularly high but the good beer and talk eased away the detritus of what had been a bad day and gave the evening a better taste in the mouth.

Over the weekend they do cheese tasting evenings. I may have to nip down tomorrow night with one of the large quarters of Swiss cheese Steve gave me before Christmas.


Now late Saturday afternoon the fire is on and it is dark outside and the oxtail stew has been on the oven for an hour. It will be there for another few hours before we eat it with roast potatoes and a red cabbage that I am going to stew in cider and butter.


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