Knackered laptop



It could be a quiet few days on here courtesy of the cat knocking over a jug of water on the kitchen table whilst we were watching Graham Norton. The cat is just about alive although it got a kick up its backside as it went outside. The laptop was sat in a puddle of water for a while and is now very quiet and dark. I will have to take it to the menders this morning. He was able to sort it last year when a glass of orange juice got spilt over it but somehow this feels more serious. The most pressing concern will be Cora’s homework and the English essay she was busily writing last night. I can already hear the cries of anguish when she gets the good news!

There is of course another computer in the house but there will be four of us fighting to get on it and me writing on this will be low down the list of priorities when put next to work, homework and the need to watch endless re-runs of Friends.

In the meantime the man with the black beard is settling down at the bar in Arundel’s and is wanting to talk about fish, the sea and the weather.

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