Chicken and preserved lemon

Laptop has now been left in the care of a dodgy looking shop on London Road. No doubt it is the process of being stripped down for parts and that will be the last of it. Well see.

So in the meantime I am able to steal a quick few minutes on this thing and I am struggling to find anything to write about. There are those in the background no doubt shouting well leave it alone and go watch some television or something. Well I will in a minute but before I do that I can share with you this evening’s supper.

There was some debate last night as to what we should have for tea. There was aubergine and chickpeas left from the night before and a large bowl of rice cooked with lentils and spices none of which attracted the children. There was a general complaint from them that they’d been eating too much chicken and did not want it again. Which is fair enough but when the don’t eat anything else is a little frustrating. The debate concluded with our having chicken again.

It was only a small one and for some of its roasting it shared the oven with the sticky ginger cake. I stuffed it with three preserved lemons from a jar I had bought in The International Store a few weeks ago. It was smeared with olive oil, salt, pepper and ground cinnamon. To keep the kids happy it was served with roast potatoes.

There was enough left for me to finish it off this evening cold. I had it with some of the rice and a few pickled green chillies. The preserved lemons adding a gentle warming background flavour. I will do that again.

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