Clearing the head after a bad week

Is there any more brutal sound than Led Zeppelin in excelsis. A few years ago they released an album culled from various shows they played on the West Coast of the US in the early 1970’s. It was probably overdubbed to death but it doesn’t really matter because in parts it contains some of the most overwhelmingly loud music you could ever hope to get to listen to on a cold Friday night when there are very few other people in the house (sorry neighbours!)

The third CD starts with a 23 minute version of Whole Lotta Love, which here is a good thing, at least for the opening four or five minutes particularly when it appears that Jimmy Page is playing his guitar with a sledgehammer. That is then followed by a more concise (at 3:56) version of Rock and Roll on which Jimmy and his sledgehammer is joined by John Bonham playing his drums with sticks as thick Mike Tyson’s neck.

So I pour myself a beer and clear the head for a few minutes putting to one side the knackered laptop, bills and my ever diminishing bank balance. The head has been cleared and there is a lump of pork in the oven with crackling, stuffed with garlic, fennel, chillies and sage.

I will have to go talk to the man with the black beard.

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