Buying an Ox’s heart

I wasn’t sure what to buy at the Farmer’s Market this morning. I would get a chicken but given the recent complaints from the children that would go in the freezer to be had for lunch next week on Sunday.

I thought about some lamb but as I walked around none of the butchers seemed to have what I wanted. Then I spotted on top of the counter of the Welsh butchers who sell Welsh Black Beef two dark packages wrapped in clear plastic. One was marked Ox tongue £3.50. I picked it up to feel the weight of it and then put it back. I had read recipes for the cooking of tongue and had vague memories of it being served for dinner at school. I was not sure how good an investment it would be.

Next to it the package was labelled Ox heart £2.50. This was more like it. Again I picked it up. It  was  heavier than the tongue and dense with black blood. As I looked at it a sharp voice over my left shoulder said “That’s mine and I have paid for it!’

I looked around and there was a smartly dressed lady stood there pulling a plastic bag out of her pocket.

The woman behind the counter said “That’s right I’m afraid she’s paid for it and all.’ I put it back onto the counter. I wasn’t sure about what to with it anyway.

As the smart lady took it to put in her bag I asked her “How are you going to cook it?’

“I’m going to stuff it and roast it.’ She said it with such certainty that I was instantly sorry that it was not me who was going to be doing the stuffing and roasting. What could be as straightforward as that and I was sure the kids could be talked round.

I carried on my walk around the market but still did not see anything. As I walked past the Black Beef counter again there was another Ox hear on top. I’ll have it I thought and I forked out my change and bought it. If anything it was heavier and darker than the first.

It is now sat in the fridge downstairs ready to be stuffed and roasted tomorrow.

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