Stuffed squid at Lunya

We had a cracking meal at Lunya last night. It was early doors before a walk up Wood Street in the rain to watch Zero Dark Thirty at Fact.

The highlight of the meal for me was the stuffed squid. One clean white squid body stuffed with a mixture of porcini and prawns, cooked, and then cut into four neat slices with the tentacles at the end. The slices were served on a small bed of rocket leaves and some sauce. When ordering it I had been concerned as to whether one stuffed squid would be enough for me. But it was just right and I would have been really stuffed if I had had anymore.

I also had a plate of Pedron Peppers, none of which were hot, a plate of BBQ’ed Iberico ribs slathered in a hot romesco sauce and a couple of skewers of duck, pig and preserved fig.

I drank a pint of Estralla and we shared a bottle Barbadillo Blanco because it came from Cadiz and was made from the same grapes as sherry. As did our waitress who was here to learn English. You could taste the sherry in the wine and I want to go back there, to Cadiz, and sit outside and eat a plate of pescaditos fritos watching the world before getting up to walk down some more of its streets, through the buildings that are still slowly collapsing back into the sea.

Thank you to Elaine & Dan for asking us to join them and saving us from a houseful of teenagers.

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