Small mackerel and getting ready for tonight

Perhaps the highlight of lasts night was the tin of smoked preserved mackerel. They were only a few inches long and must have been young when caught.  We could have easily eaten a second tin.


The next time we do a good meal I am going to devote a whole course to tinned Spanish food. We will be able to have the mackerel, tinned sardines, baby squid in their ink and anchovies. there are also delicious red peppers stuffed with salt cod. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.


This morning has been a mad dash round Supermarkets for cheap booze, the greengrocers for tomatoes and aubergines to be made into soup for lunch and edges the butchers for a few kilo of chicken pieces. The soup is now bubbling away and we be eating it soon.

For the chicken I smothered them with a marinade made out of Heinz Ketchup, honey, two tangerines, soy sauce, chilli sauce and various herbs and spices that were to hand in the cupboard. Oh and an onion! That all went into the Magimix until smooth and was then smeared into the chicken with my fingers. Should be good.

Listening Cher 3614 Jackson highway. It is better than you think.

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