Where a name gets you

I will be keeping it short this evening as the weekend is starting to catch up and there is a headache lurking somewhere waiting to come out. Thanks in large part to the photos of the party yesterday was the blogs busiest day yet with almost 300 views.

The stats page also tells from which country the people looking at the blog come from. I was intrigued today to see that I had visitors from Indonesia and the Philippines. I then looked to see what seach terms people were using to get to the blog and quickly found the answer.

intext:*cooking sheep
love delicacy

Now I can understand the cooking of sheep and it is nice to think that around the world anyone trying to find a recipe for cooking a sheep’s head runs the risk of inadvertently coming across this site and will have to grapple with these tired musings and the talk of a man with a black beard supping at his pint in Arundel’s.

God knows what the ‘love delicacy’ was about but I hope that whoever it was enjoyed the picture of the snowman.




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