The Cottage on the Pier

A description of the Cottage taken from the survey report prepared by W. Geoffrey Bannister of Glandore, dated 28th January 1973, for the Goulds (from whom we bought the Cottage) before they purchased from Mrs Rachel Leigh-White. The address given for the Cottage was Reenacappul, Durrus, County Cork.

Main Room – originally two rooms, now combined living room and dining room; the plaster work is clearly old lime plaster with many hollow patches and is very rough….the flooring throughout the ground floor is rather rough concrete with a “Tintawn” covering throughout.

North West room – toilet with door onto the quay; frame of external door is rotten, completely at the feet of the frame; it was not possible to force the door open due to moisture expansion; the small window in this door does not appear to be closable (amateur workmanship).

South West room – bathroom; access to the traps and hot & cold water feeds was impossible owing to the complete panelling in of both lavatory and bath.


Consisting of a landing and two small double bedrooms; there is no access to the attic, and so the ceiling is not insulated or sealed; the one and only window in the West bedroom has rot in the cill; it would seem that all the windows are quite the same requiring skarfing new timber into the existing frame and adequate weather protection; general condition of the decoration is poor, most of the paint of the ceiling is peeling off.


The two South facing ground floor windows are rotten both at the feet of the frames and the cills and should be replaced, similarly on the first floor; the South window of the kitchen is rotten at the base of the frames: it would seem sensible to form a French drain between the kitchen and the road; the North window to the living room has rot in the cill and feet of the frame; the original access door from the quay on the North side of the house is completely rotten at the feet of the frames, and it is recommended that, as this opening is now not used it be blocked up.


Mains electricity

Septic tank sewage disposal

The vendor, it is understood, is to provide a new bored well, pump and housing; there was some vagueness as to water storage.

A very rough estimate of costs for putting this house in order would be between £2,000 and £3,000.





2 thoughts on “The Cottage on the Pier

  1. Hi Ralph, I heard a rumour (perhaps via a Christmas card!) that you’d started a blog, and it’s great to read it finally – only skimmed so far but you’ve got a great style going… Arthur started a cookery blog recently, but he’s a bit too lazy to chat…! Anyway, have a look when you’ve got a minute – (Arthur’s a mad Dr Who fan, bordering on geek, in case you’re wondering). Here’s another blog that might be a bit more up your street: I love his idea, and I’ve actually been working my way through a Breads of the World recipe book – thought the boys would starve to death of I chose one of Jane’s! I’ve thought about starting a blog too, but haven’t got round to it so far. Hope all well! Emily

  2. Hi Emily All well here. Kristen was 18 a couple of weeks ago which is scary – there are some pictures of the party on here somewhere. Andrea is working too hard. Galen has given up boxing and just beats up the rest of the family. Cora is pursuing some sort of Shirley Bassey obsession. So all nice and quiet. Arthurs blog looks good and tasty and i like the videos. The cooking Jane blog looks worth exploring. You should come up to see us sometime! Ralph

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