Getting ready for the garden

The sun has been out all morning and the sky bright blue. So i have been down to one of my favourite shops to stock on things to do for the afternoon. No trip to Rightway is complete without seeing something you never knew you needed but having spotted that something it is difficult to think that your life is going to be complete without it.

This morning it was hessian sacks to store your vegetables in once they are out of the ground in the Autumn. So we are barely into Spring and not a seed has been planted but already I can plan ahead 6 months for the bumper harvest that will no doubt be coming. I put them back on the hook but writing about them know I know I am going to have to go back to get some.


My actual purchases were more practical. Two bags of well matured manure. They look like  they might have been left over from last year. ‘Smelly and well rotted’ I was told as I paid for them and their smell did manage to fill the car on the 5 minute drive back home. The usual selection of seeds; tomatoes, courgettes, rocket, chard, beetroot and chillies. Last year I left some of the planting too late so hopefully with the benefit of the new green house I will get it right this year.


Finally I bought a widger, dibber and label set. I never knew i needed a widger but I am glad i have one now.

Listening to The Grateful Dead and not yet quite over the fact that I won’t be seeing Mark Eitzel play in Manchester tonight but buoyed  by the news that Dexy’s and king Creosote are playing in Liverpool over the next few months!


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