Pink hummus from Lunya


We had lunch at Lunya yesterday, me and the two girls, out shopping for Mother’s Day. Once we had sat down a small pot of dirty pink sauce was put on the table with some mini bread sticks. We were invited to tuck in as we ordered our drinks.


Speaking to Peter he said it was a type of hummus made with piquillo peppers. He desribed how the peppers were roasted and then peeled by hand and then squeezed into their small glass jars. No oil was added and they kept themselves in their own natural oils with the help of a pinch of salt.


I bought a jar so I could make some of the hummus myself. As always it was very easy. A tin of drained chick peas went into the magimix with a small chopped onion, some garlic, a small dried red chilli and a good pinch of ground coriander and cumin. I then added half a dozen of the peppers and the juice and  zest of a lemon. That was all mashed to a pulp and spooned out.


We will have it later before we start on our late lunch

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