Well this evening I have made another bowl of pesto sauce and there is another Ox heart slowly roasting in the oven. I have written about these things before so it might get boring if I do it again. Next month at The Farmer’s Market I will get the ox tongue. Last Saturday the tongue,  at £3.50 it was £1.00 more than the heart, so I left it behind. I have a vague memory of having to eat it at school.  That probably came out of tin.

I have in the back of my mind that cooking tongue involves some soaking and then a grisly stripping away of the skin. We shall see.

So instead of food I thought I could give a quick run through of best ever gigs. A large part of supper this evening was taken up with talk of the tickets for Beyonce in a few months time and how good that is going to be. I tried without success to install some perspective but I got them fixed for myself. There were about ten best ever gigs in no particular order

1. Ella Guru with Pete in Liverpool

2. REM at Warwick University, the Airport lounge 1984 – that was the evening I told Pete Buck I loved him. He ignored me.

3. Van Morrison with the Chieftens in The Hammersmith Odeon

4. Tom Waits at The Dominion Theatre

5. Flaming Lips in Liverpool

6. Prince on the Alphabet St tour

7. REM at The Royal Court in Liverpool

8. Dexy’s in Liverpool last year

9. Mudhoney in a very small place in Edinburgh

10. John Grant in a field in Suffolk with about 20 other people.

Dexy’s are playing again in Liverpool in May so they may get two entries soon.


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