The songs they played at some of those gigs

There is I suspect some schizophrenia about this blog as it veers from the cooking of an ox’s heart, to trying to keep children happy with food, to the slaughter of mackerel and lobster all the way to slightly wayward conversations with dodgy men with black beards in Arundel’s Pub and onto the odd digression into the music I like listening to whilst slicing my onions.

Maybe I should be writing at a number of different blogs keeping the music and food separate with there being one special blog for the man with a black beard but that slightly defeats the point. It is all part of what I want to write about and if my list of favourite gigs is not that interesting well…

So this evening the ox heart has been cooked and sliced and is now in the fridge ready for my sandwiches tomorrow. It tastes as good as last time, like slightly liverish full flavoured roast beef.

The list of gigs got some response so I thought I would follow it up with the songs at some of those gigs (and one or two others). So here goes:-

Tom Waits at The Dominion Theatre singing Burma Shave

REM in the Mandela Room at Leicester University coming on stage for their encore and singing Moon River and then crashing into Pretty Persuasion

Van Morrison and the Chieftens doing Carrikfergus

Ella Guru in the strange club in Liverpool singing This is my Rock’nroll – the album is still out there on Amazon. Get it now. if you have not heard it you are in for treat.

Mark Eitzel singing Patriot Heart with someone playing a piano in Liverpool in November 2011

Richmond Fontaine singing Western Sky at any time

Flaming Lips doing Screen Test in Liverpool and I had no idea what was going on or what to expect. Along with Ella Guru the best gig I have been too were I knew none of the music and was blown away.

Dexy’s and This is What She’s Like with Kevin Rowland going round the back of the Phil and then climbing up on to the balconies still singing ‘this is my story this is my story..’

Anytime Mark Eitzel sings Western Sky

…that will do. I will be back in the pub next time.


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