Talking about the weather – Part II

Goode would finish his pint satisfied with the limit of his conversation and walk back down to his cottage and the men would be left in the pub with their note on his anticipation for the weather. Most evenings then there would be a few more men that would stop by the pub.

It was Paddy O’Donovan who would normally keep the note and so it would him that would start the book. ‘You heard what he said. It’ll be raining tomorrow and then clear in afternoon. Feck any man can say that. Just look at the sky there. If he’s right I will buy in a pint for whatever man is in here. And if he’s wrong  and if there is a drop of rain that falls after midday well I won’t expect to pay for a pint until next time that man is in here.’

The pub was busier than usual the next day. There were thirty or so men sat in here and some of them had brought their wives and children. The day had started wet with the rain coming in with the wind off the sea and looking out from here you could see great sheets of it as if the clouds were letting go of a tap and it came down so hard that it had settled the water. But by 11.00 in the morning it had cleared and there was a blue sky all over. So the pub was full of the men who were going to take their pint off Paddy O’Donovan. Paddy he was late down to the pub that evening but he came with a pocket full of notes and be bought those pints.

It was a week before Goode was back in the pub and the same men were sat there by the bar and in their corner and when he walked in it went quiet for some minutes whilst his pint was poured and the men waited for him to start talking about the weather. Well he did once his pint had settled and then men took a note when he told them what he had worked from his radio.

Once he had gone, walked back down the hill to his cottage, Paddy O’Donovan sat back in his chair then took a sip at his whiskey and said ‘Now you heard what he said. Dry tomorrow and no wind but cloudy until late afternoon. You all and some you frinds and their children had a drink from me last week here is my wallet.

DSCN4225‘Mary’ he called over the bar ‘ Mary you know its good. Which of you men here will say that he is right  and if he is wrong then my wallet here will be good for that man’s drink until he is in here with his talk of the weather.’

Well John Holland took him up on that and he got his drink bought for him for two weeks until the man Goode was back in here with his talk about the weather.

So the man Goode had his talk about the weather and gave no offense and the men there in the corner would take their pints as they come off the back of it.

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