Cheese, Bantry Market and a perfect lunch

Sheep's Head Food Company

Bantry had become a fairy-tale place, the sort you could talk about but never reach. When they had first come to Reenmore they were always saying “When we go to Bantry”. But in the last weeks no one had mentioned it. It was a splendid idea to go to Bantry.
It was – always allowing for the terror of driving with Aunt Dymphna – a lovely ride into Bantry. It was impossible to believe it was the same journey which had so terrified them on the night they had arrived. It was an unlucky day to have chosen to go to Bantry for there had been a fair so they continually met cattle being driven to new homes.
“Fools!” Aunt Dymphna roared at the men in charge as, without slowing down, she zigzagged her Austin round bullocks. “Leave those creatures to look after themselves. Never interfere, they…

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