Getting ready to watch King Creosote

The Nasi goreng was a great success.

One of the great pleasures to be had out of eating a roast chicken is picking it apart the next day to make a pile of the meat for leftover cooking. It is another cook’s perk. Yes you can pull off enough meat for what you require but there will always be some small nuggets left on the bone that will need to be nibbled away. All this involves much licking of fingers.

To the meat I add a couple of chopped cloves of garlic, slices of ginger, spring onions and chilli. Rice was made and put to one side.

I then heated a large wok and added a drop of ground nut oil. As this started to smoke I threw in a chopped onion. As this started soften and go golden at the edges the chicken was added and stirred quickly to heat through. I also threw in a couple of handfuls of cooked prawns. Once this was done the rice was stirred in. I continued to stir until it was all pipping hot.

I then turned the heat down for a minute whilst I cooked up two eggs. I heated a frying pan and added another drop of oil and tipped in two lightly whisked eggs making up a sort of flat omelette. Once this was done it was sliced and put on top of the rice.

It was all eaten with great gusto.

Afterwards we went to watch King Creosote. Nice to get out on a Sunday night before the Monday morning fag of being back at work. He played Bats in the Attic .

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