Defenestrating mackerel

I wrote some months ago about defenestration. I started the process on my book about mackerel and then put it to one side. Well I have opened the window again.

The expression comes from a book about Katherine Hepburn. Some years ago we spent New Year’s Even in Kent. There was a lot of driving both to get down there and then on trips out to Whitstable, Romney Marsh, Dungeness and thereabouts. As we drove we listened to an audio book about her. A lot of it was was descriptions of long conversations that the writer had with Katherine Hepburn about life and her life. At one point the writer talked about a book he was writing a problems he was having trying to conclude it. ‘Defenestrate,’ she said. Open a window and throw it all out then start all over again.

I am not throwing it all out of the window but I am taking apart the pages and putting them back together again in a different order with bits of odd conversation with the man with a black beard thrown in for good measure.

I am quite enjoying it so far but let’s see if that lasts when I sit down to reread it and remind myself of the rewriting that needs to be done.


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