Three excitements

So three excitements this morning.

The first was when the greengrocer Kazim gave me a kar of mango jam he had made from the recipe I had given him last week. He had added some of the blacks seeds from a cardamon pod for flavour. It it looks deep, sweet and tasty and will good on toast tomorrow morning after my kipper.


In the supermarket I was buying beer for myself including some bottles of Franziskaner Weissbier – 3 for £5.00 being too good to resist. I joined the queue at the checkout and lifted out my shopping to put on the black belt to the till. As I lifted one of the bottles out its cap caught on the metal side of the trolley and pulled off so a stream of foamy beer covered me and the floor. I held the bottle up in my hand as beer gushed out. The man in front of me turned and winked and tipped up his hand.


I was back in Birkenhead before lunch meeting Galen on his break from Wards. As I walked back home I passed the grocers again and noticed a tray of artichokes that I had not seen before. I bought four. We’ll have them for lunch tomorrow.


Of such things, I guess, are Saturday mornings made.

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