Sunday afternoon in Birkenhead

I find it difficult to let more than a couple of weeks go by without a visit to Rightway. If you haven’t got one of their stores nearby you are missing out. Ostensibly they are a DIY shop but it is a lot more than that. It sells fireworks when you want them, enamel tins for making proper pies, odd pieces of garden equipment, a wide range of bird feeds and food, odd things you might need for a fire, proper metal coal scuttles and useful plastic boxes.

This afternoon I was after a plastic box. Whilst I was in there I picked up a pack of seed potatoes.

As I was paying a woman rushed in and picked something off a rack near the till and asked in a rush, ‘Does this glue anything?’ She had in her hand a tube of Superglue.

The assistant who wasn’t serving me looked at the woman. ‘More or less.,’ she said. ‘But it depends on what it is you are glueing/’

‘It’s tooth,’ The woman said. ‘The dentists are closed and I need to glue back a tooth.’

The assistant paused for a second.’ I’m not sure I would recommend it for that.’



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