The remains of Sunday lunch

My supper this evening was some of the leftover chicken from the roast we had on Sunday. I made a salad with good chunks of the chicken, green leaves and croutons with a dressing that again included some of the Spicy Red Currant Jelly that has been sitting in the back of the fridge for years. The croutons were made with slices from stale French stick that I threw in the oven with some olive oil until toasted. The kids were good enough to acknowledge how good it looked but were happier with their plates of spaghetti.

The chicken had been a one pot roast. I par boiled some potatoes and tucked them around the chicken damped it all down with some olive oil and gave it a good dusting of smoked paprika, salt and pepper. It all went into a medium over for about 90 minutes. Halfway through I mixed in two sliced red peppers and three heads of fresh garlic.

The only complaint from the kids was the lack of gravy.

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