Listening to fuzzed up American scuzzy sounds

I didn’t finish that last post quite as I meant to having been hassled off the laptop by a child claiming that she wanted to do homework but really wanted to watch another repeat of Friends.

I was going to say that when it comes down to it I am not sure which out of music and food I would rather not lose. Of course they are both a long way ahead of the children.

I was in Probe this morning and in twenty five years or more of shopping there out of its various locations around Liverpool City centre I had the longest conversation so far with the guy behind the counter. He had been at the Public Service Broadcasting concert I had been to on Wednesday and I wanted to know what he thought.

He shook his head. ‘It didn’t do it for me. Have you heard Thee Oh Sees. I saw them two weeks ago in Liverpool and after no other band is going to match up.’

I resisted the temptation to go back to the racks to pick up all the Thee Oh Sees CDs I knew he had there.

There was a grey covered album on the counter. He shook his head again. ‘Don’t even go there. I was playing it earlier and it cleared the shop.’ That sounded like a recommendation   to me and possibly worthwhile if only to scare the children when we got home. I resisted again and paid for what i was getting and left.

Supper this evening was smoked haddock carbonara listening to fuzzed up American scuzzy sounds.




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