We were celebrating a birthday this morning and a return from Norway. So the day started slowly with lots of tea and bacon and some of us reading the cool magazine we bought from Cow & Co yesterday..

The weather was grey, cold and miserable but suddenly around 2.00 in the afternoon the sky cleared until there was nothing but blue sky and the sun started to beat down. I had time to plant out my tomatoes and weed around whatever is in the veg patch.

We had pizza for lunch. The recipe for the dough came from Kitchen & Co (and they took it from Jamie Oliver) and I let it rise until it was thick and bread like in the trays. I made three toppings; a thick spicy tomato sauce, large field mushrooms fried in garlic and oil until soft and half a dozen onions, sliced  and cooked slowly until almost caramalised.

We ate it outside before going off for a birthday treat to watch The Great Gatsby. it seemed a shame to leave the sun to go sit indoors and the 3D glasses didn’t work well with my glasses.


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