A lost t-shirt

Here’s a thing. I found a long lost t-shirt this weekend.

I can last remember wearing it almost three years ago on a long weekend to Ahakista. There are photos of me with it on near the top of Rosskerrig and later having a restorative pint at Eileen’s Bar in Kilcrohane. But a few weeks later as I was packing for the summer holiday I could not find the t-shirt. I pulled the bedroom apart at least two times to try get to the corner it had hidden itself in and asked suspicious questions of the rest of the family but all with no luck.

There has been a simmering resentment ever since and last week I was still thinking on how much I missed that t-shirt.

Well it turned up last night. As the sun was out I decided to wear a particularly garish and unpleasant shirt that features some views of The Grand Canyon. I took the shirt off its hanger and found the t-shirt underneath.

The rest of the family did not share my happiness and relief.


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