From Gardens Where We Feel Secure

It has been a weekend of barbeques.

Last night it was a partridge and a pigeon. Both were spatchcocked and then covered in a honey, gingery, garlic marinade.

I grilled two aubergines in the charcoal until they split scooping out the flesh and mixing it with garlic, olive oil and yogurt.

We had them with chicken wings marinaded in a mixture of honey, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, soy sauce and chilli sauce.

I was going to make a curry today but the sun has been out again and a barbeque felt more appropriate. So we had beef burgers made with good minced beef, a handful of bread crumbs, thyme, salt and pepper and a good dash of Econa Hot Pepper Sauce. I was also able to [pick up some rump of lamb which I cubed and marinaded with cumin seeds, garlic and olive oil.

We ate it with the remains of lasts nights couscous, new potatoes and salad from the garden.

Listening now to Virginia Astley and From Gardens Where We Feel Secure. the only time recorders have been made sound good.

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