Spare ribs

Last night we had spare ribs.

There were two packs going cheap in the supermarket so I picked them. I emptied the ribs into a large metal roasting dish and settled on what to slather them with.

I started with chilli sauce and then some more chilli sauce, but a different kind, soy sauce, Worcester Sauce, tomato ketchup, salt & pepper and a few good spoonfuls of honey. This was all mixed in so the ribs were covered.

At this point i needed time. time to put them away for a few hours or even overnight to let the flavours soak in and then time to put them in a low slow oven to cook until tender.

But there was a boy to be fed and it was early evening so time I did not have.

They were thrown into a hot oven and I gave them a cooked turn every 20 minutes.

They were done in an hour if not slightly over done and charred at the edges.

We ate them with greasy fingers pulling at the meat with our teeth.

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