A very quick tomato soup

Lunch today was a tomato soup made very quickly.

Writing this early evening the day seems to have spent rushing to places in the car listening to Thee Oh Sees but half having in mind the scene towards the end of Goodfellas as Henry drives round manically with a police helicopter following him and a raft of good music overhead.

The ingredients were bought from the greengrocers. Four bags of plum tomatoes at 99 p each, an aubergine, garlic and onions.

I put together in about ten minutes before having to rush out again. Large pan on the oven and heat olive oil Slice an large onion roughly and through in. Try not to let it burn. Squash garlic and throw in. give it all a good stir. Chop up the aubergine and throw in. Now take some cumin seeds and crush them to a powder and throw those in as well.

This will all take about seven minutes. If it has been hot enough the onions should have started to soften and iof you have been quick enough to stir hopefully they won’t have burnt.

I didn’t have time to chop the tomatoes so I just ripped open the bag and threw them in as well and then slashed at them with a sharp knife to start releasing their juices. A large bunch of parsley was then added and left it all for an hour.

By the time I came back it had all cooked down to a pulp.

I put it through a fine sieve and we ate it with sour dough bread from the greengrocer.


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