Lobster fishing in Dunmannus Bay

A post from last summer…

Sheep's Head Food Company

On Saturday Ward’s were selling lobsters. They come in from Cornwall and are cooked before being put on display the colors bright red against the white ice and grey fish. I compare notes with Nigel over their cost. In Ahakista we buy them from Tommy Arundel on the pier. He is out in the bay in his boat Freedom most days of the week hauling in the pots, pulling out the lobsters and crabs, re-baiting and then laying the pots down again.

Last summer I spent an afternoon on his boat watching him work. It took 45 minutes from Kitchen Cove to get up past Donneen Pier and the great piece of orange cliff that had fallen into the sea. He has had the boat for 7 years, 4 years in the water. She was some twenty years old before be bought her in Scotland and she was taken down to West…

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