It has been hot all day and there is no better listening on a day like this than to listen to Josh Rouse. So I have been trying to get through all his albums and here at about 9.00pm I am about half way through. I would have got through them all but was caught short over 1972 and had to listen to it twice and then ended up listening to Subtitulo three times.

He is almost a guilty pleasure.

When I saw him play at Leaf a few weeks ago I was almost put off by the cat who has the cream grin he would give off every so often. But then if I was him I would probably be giving off the very same grin.

With the the sun high in the sky I took youngest daughter to Clairmont Farm to pick strawberries. It was just about to get busy. I should have brought my camera to try and capture the field of bent bodies and the swallows in the air overhead.

It took us both 30 minutes to pick a punnet full. They were not too ripe and had a slight sourness to them still that would be well cut through by a dash of pepper.

Before we ate the strawberries we had another barbeque. This evening it was a chicken, spatchcocked and marinaded in garlic, paprika, lemon juice and olive oil.

It took longer to cook than I was expecting but when we got there was very good.

DSCN5493 DSCN5494 DSCN5497 DSCN5505 DSCN5508 DSCN5511 DSCN5513 DSCN5516 DSCN5517 DSCN5518 DSCN5521 DSCN5523 DSCN5524 DSCN5527

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