Using up mangos

There has been a box of mangos on the side in the kitchen for the last week and a half. Somehow we have just not got round to eating them. I took a peek at them last night. They were still smelling good but the skins were starting to wrinkle and they needed eating up.

We also had the leftover chicken from last night to finish. Left to myself I would have turned them into a version of coronation chicken but I knew that would not go down well with the kids. So I decided to make of thick quick quick chutney with mangos and the adults could eat that and the kids could eat up the chicken with their tomato ketchup and roasted potatoes.

Having sliced the mangos I added half a finely chopped red onion, some garlic, red chilli, the juice from a lime, salt, pepper and olive oil and a good handful of chopped coriander. It needed some spice so I ground up some coriander seeds and mixed  those in as well.

It was almost too good to go with the chicken.

Having finished the meal I went down to the basement and found that I am starting to build up another good collection of mango boxes. There must be something I can do with them all?

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