Just about half way across The Irish Sea

Well we are on the way but so far it has been an unsettling journey. Work was busy and I was conscious that I was leaving things behind. at least the desk was cleared and I managed to clear off most of the outstanding emails before they started to mount up again.

Then it was home and the rush to finish packing and the annual squeeze of everything into the car, making use for one of the few times a year, of all the space that a Volvo Estate has to offer. We left on time and despite the promises otherwise the traffic was not too bad until we were brought to a halt outside Bangor. There was no obvious reason why apart from the apparent need to give some grass cutters a break.

After twenty minutes we were on our way again. Pulling up to the ferry terminal I was asked why the illuminated signs all said ‘Next ferry 20.30’ and i had been reassuring every one we did need to be there until five to nine.

The explanation came quickly when i handed our ticket in and was told that our ferry had left 12 hours earlier that morning. I explained to the lady in the kiosk and she nodded her head in agreement as she wrote us out a new ticket. She then explained that all places in the Stenna Plus Lounge had gone but that was alright wasn’t it. The family howled in anguish behind me. there would be no comfy seats on the crossing.

On the ship we shifted seats trying to find somewhere we could sit together that wasn’t next to the cafe, a loo or a passageway and from where we could avoid having to watch/listen an endless run through of Madagascar III. We failed.

The good news is that I have left behind the USB lead for my camera so there will be limited opportunities for sharing pictures of bloodied fish. Hopefully some of will be disappointed at that news.

We are now halfway across the Irish Sea. I have eaten soggy chips and dried chicken. I am going take a swig of wine and try go to sleep listening to Lone Pigeon and the lady next door to us complaining again as the house of cards she is making collapses again. Looking forward to the four hour drive that starts at midnight. i do have the new Grant Hart CD to listen to though which I was able to pick up today although it does not come out proper until Monday!

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