Eating lobsters again

We had three lobster this evening and eight last week.  I thought eight was going to be a challenge to cook and in particular I had some doubt as to whether we had a pot big enough. In the event I worked it out by cooking five of them first. They just about fitted it in. Once the five were done I fished them all out and put them to one side and put the other three in the pot.

By the time I had split the first five lobster the last three were done. So that could give you some idea of the timings for boiling lobster. I would say about ten minutes at a rolling boil.

So that is eleven lobster done and with each one there was slight tightening in the stomach as I pushed its head into the boiling water.

Doing eight in a row there was an assembly line feel with the splitting. It helps that there is now a good knife that is heavy enough and sharp enough to do the job.

They were still hot from the boiling water and so I had to handle them with one hand of the oven glove. First thing to do was snip at the elastic bands holding the claws together and try catch at the small clips of elastic as they shot off around the kitchen. Then there is a thrust through the back of the head, taking the blade down between the eyes then turning it round to complete the job through the tail.

Having lost all the metal crackers I cracked the claws dropping the knife down heavily until the juices leaked clear.

As each one was done I added it to the plate until they were finished. By the time they were all split the slab of butter I had put into a pan with crushed garlic was done. I poured this over the lobsters.

Be it eight or three we ate them with relish and glasses of white wine held in our fists.

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