Listening to Dexy’s Midnight Runners

In Birkenhead this morning walking up Oxton Road and down came a fully made up scooter. It stopped at the lights. There were two sets of mirrors rising up from the handle bars, long tall whip ariels with tails hanging from them and a picture painted on the side with the words My Beautiful Young Lady. The highlight was two speakers mounted at the back belting out music. The sound was tinny and at first it was difficult to place the song. Then I had it Dexy’s Midnight Runners – something from the first album. Well you can’t get better than that.

The good news in the garden is that we have a few red tomatoes. I have been in a couple of  gardens over the last few weeks where I have been able to steal a few perfectly ripe sweet red tomatoes blush with the sun. Now I will be able to have some of my own. another few days of sun and there maybe enough to share out.

I have also been picking plums and pulled out of the ground the first of the beetroot. Although the sun is shining there is a chill edge to the wind.

Listening to Bobby Womack records in the late afternoon and hankering after a doze.

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