Saturday morning and the bacon is on!

Of course one of the problems with bacon is that you need a sharp knife to slice it and one of the problems with a sharp knife is that it will jump in the hand and try and take a slice off the end of a finger. So the bacon slicing was interrupted as I ran upstairs to put the finger under a cold tap to wash the blood away and then cover it with a thick plaster.

Apart from that mishap the bacon is going down well and is about to be put between two pieces of toast. At which point I will hit the old Brown Sauce debate. If the bacon is so good why should you be covering it in Brown Sauce and smothering away the taste? (And by the way it can never NEVER be Tomato Ketchup. Ketchup with bacon is almost as bad as Ketchup with eggs.) I think the answer lies in not using too much. The Brown Sauce should not overpower but should lurk about discretely in the background adding some sweetening notes.


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